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    Case Comments



    • CJEU Rules that Notion of ‘Address’ in the Enforcement Directive is Limited to One’s Own Postal Address (2020) 15(1) JIPLP 779-781 (Constantin Film Verleih GmbH v YouTube LLC and Google Inc., C-264/19, EU:C:2020:542)
    • Italian Supreme Court Applies CJEU Cofemel Decision to Makeup Store Layout (2020) 15(7) JIPLP 501-502 (Italian Supreme Court (Corte Suprema di Cassazione), Wycon S.p.A. v Kiko S.p.A., decision 780/2020)
    • US Court Rules that Unlicensed Reproduction of NBA Players' Tattoos in Their Videogame Avatars is not a Copyright Infringement (2020) 15(5) JIPLP 318-319 (United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Solid Oak Sketches, LLC v 2K Games, Inc. and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., 16-CV-724-LTS-SDA, 26 March 2020)
    • Italian Court Rules against Dolce&Gabbana in a Case Concerning Unauthorized Use of Maradona’s Name on a Jersey (2020) 15(3) JIPLP 160 (Milan Court of First Instance, case 41088/2017, decision 11374/2019, 9 December 2019)


    • CJEU Limits Scope of De-Referencing in Right to be Forgotten Cases to the EU Territory, but Leaves the Door Open for National Global Orders (2019) 23 Media & Arts Law Review 307-309 (Google LLC, successor in law to Google Inc. v Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL), C-507/17, EU:C:2019:772)
    • CJEU Rules that Copyright Protection for Designs Only Requires Sufficient Originality (2019) 14(12 JIPLP 931-932 (Cofemel – Sociedade de Vestuário SA v G-Star Raw CV, C-683/17, EU:C:2019:721)
    • Targeting Accepted as a Criterion to Establish International Jurisdiction in Online EU Trade Mark Infringement Cases (2019) 14(12) JIPLP 926-927 (AMS Neve Ltd and Others v Heritage Audio SL and Pedro Rodríguez Arribas, C-172/18, EU:C:2019:674) [cited in Advocate General's Opinion in Acacia, C-421/20, EU:C:2021:886​]
    • General Court Finds 'CHIARA FERRAGNI' Not Confusingly Similar to 'CHIARA' (2019) 14(9) JIPLP 659-660 (Serendipity Srl and Others v EUIPO, T-647/17, EU:T:2019:73, 8 February 2019)
    • CJEU Excludes Retroactive Application of Reformed Language of Article 7(1)(e)(iii) of the EU Trade Mark Regulation and Does Not Clarify What ‘Another Characteristic’ Means (2019) 14(8) JIPLP 590-592 (Textilis Ltd and Ozgur Keskin v Svenskt Tenn Aktiebolag, C-21/18, EU:C:2019:199, 14 March 2019)
    • US Court Refuses to Grant Summary Judgment in Favour of Beyoncé over FEYONCÉ Products (2019) 14(1) JIPLP 8-10 (Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, et al., v. Feyoncé, Inc. et al., 16-CV-2532 (AJN))


    • CJEU Rules on Standing of Collecting Societies and Safe Harbour Availability (2018) 13(12) JIPLP 937-939 (Coöperatieve Vereniging SNB-REACT U.A. v Deepak Mehta, C-521/17, EU:C:2018:639)
    • UK Supreme Court Holds that Intermediaries Have to Bear No Costs of Injunctions Against Them (2018) 13(12) JIPLP 933-935 (Cartier International AG & Ors v British Telecommunications Plc & Anor [2018] UKSC 28 (13 June 2018))
    • Milan Court Applies Nintendo v Big Ben in Fast Fashion Lawsuit against ZARA (2018) 13(11) JIPLP 856-857 (Tribunale di Milano, Diesel spa and Others v Zara Italia srl and Others, case No 22303/2016, decision No 5390/2018, 15 May 2018)
    • Not Sufficiently 'Transformative' Appropriation of a Photograph Held Infringing by French Court (2018) 13(7) JIPLP 525-526 (Cour d’Appel de Versailles, Alix Malka v Peter Klasen, 1ère chamber 1ère section, RG No 15/06029, 16 March 2018)
    • Milan Court Finds Trade Mark Infringement and Unfair Competition in Biscuit-Shaped Cushions (2018) 13(7) JIPLP 520-521 (Court of First Instance of Milan, Barilla G and Another v Italy Fashion srl and Another, decision 830/2018, 25 January 2018)
    • AG Szpunar Confirms that There is a Way Out of Invalidation for the Louboutin Red Sole Trade Mark (2018) 13(7) JIPLP 518-520 (Opinion of Advocate General Maciej Szpunar in Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin SAS v Van Haren Schoenen BV, C-163/16, EU:C:2018:64)
    • General Court Confirms that ‘La Mafia se Sienta a la Mesa’ Cannot Be a Trade Mark on Public Policy Grounds (2018) 13(6) JIPLP 432-434 (La Mafia Franchises, SL v European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), T‑1/17, not yet published, 15 March 2018)


    • Italian Supreme Court Confirms Eligibility of TV Formats for Copyright Protection (2017) 12(12) JIPLP 968-969 (RTI Reti Televisive Italiane Spa v Ruvido Produzioni Srl, decision 18633/17 (27 July 2017))
    • Italian Supreme Court Rules that Mere Reproduction of Vespa Image May Amount to Counterfeiting (2017) 12(7) JIPLP 537-538 (Cassazione penale, 5th Section, 17 March 2017, No 13078)
    • CJEU Clarifies Scope of ‘Access to Cable of Broadcasting Services’ in Article 9 of the InfoSoc Directive (2017) 12(6) JIPLP 457-459 (ITV Broadcasting Limited and Others v TVCatchup Limited (in administration), C-275/15, EU:C:2017:144)


    • Arnold J Rules that Shape of KitKat Chocolate Bar Cannot Be Registered as a Trade Mark (2016) 11(8) JIPLP 577-578 (Société des Produits Nestlé SA v Cadbury UK Ltd [2016] EWHC 50 (Ch))
    • CJEU Links Fair Compensation in Articles 5(2)(a) and (b) of the InfoSoc Directive to Actual Harm Requirement (2016) 11(3) JIPLP 167-170 (Hewlett-Packard Belgium SPRL v Reprobel SCRL, Epson Europe BV intervening, C-572/13, EU:C:2015:750)
    • General Court Says that Extended Passing Off may Prevent Trade Mark Registration (2016) 11(2) JIPLP 79-80  (Tilda Riceland Private Ltd v Office for Harmonisation in Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) (OHIM), T-136/14,EU:T:2015:734)
    • CJEU Says that Mere Recognition/Association is not Sufficient to Prove Acquired Distinctiveness (2016) 11(2) JIPLP 77-79 (Société des Produits Nestlé SA v Cadbury UK Ltd, C-215/14,EU:C:2015:604)


    • Beatles Documentary Reproducing Twelve Songs in their Entirety is not Fair Use (2015) 10(10) JIPLP 736-737 (Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC & Another v WPMC Ltd & Another [2015] EWHC 1853 (Ch))
    • High Court Issues Blocking Order against Popcorn Time (2015) 10(8) JIPLP 585-586 (Twentieth Century Fox and Others v Sky UK Limited and Others [2015] EWHC 1082 (Ch))
    • CJEU Says that Unauthorised Hyperlinks to  Live TV Broadcasts Are Not Infringements Under the InfoSoc Directive (2015) 10(8) JIPLP 582-583 (C More Entertainment AB v Linus Sandberg, C-279/13, EU:C:2015:199)
    • CJEU Says that Copyright Exhaustion only Applies to the Tangible Support of a Work (2015) 10(5) JIPLP 329-330 (Art & Allposters International BV v Stichting Pictoright, C-419/13, EU:C:2015:27)
    • CJEU Rules on Notion of Parody (But It Will Not Be Funny for National Courts) (2015) 10(2) JIPLP 80-82 (Johan Deckmyn and Another v Helena Vandersteen and Others, C-201/13, EU:C:2014:2132)
    • OSA (the Czech Spa case): Article 102 TFEU as a Means to Attack Excessive Copyright Fees of Collecting Societies? (2015) 6(2) JECLAP 96-97 (OSA – Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním os v Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně as, C-351/12, EU:C:2014:110)
    • CJEU Says that Member States May Grant Public Libraries the Right to Digitise Works in their Collections (2015) 10(1) JIPLP 6-8 (Technische Universität Darmstadt v Eugen Ulmer KG, C-117/13, EU:C:2014:2196)


    • CJEU Rules that Private Copying Exception May Only Apply to Reproductions from Licensed Sources (2014) 9(9) JIPLP  710-711 (ACI Adam BV and Others v Stichting de Thuiskopie and Stichting Onderhandelingen Thuiskopie vergoeding, C-435/12, EU:C:2014:254)
    • CJEU on Communication to the Public and National Systems of Collective Rights Management (2014) 9(8) JIPLP 630-631 (OSA – Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním os v Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně as, C-351/12, EU:C:2014:110)
    • Google Books Library Project is Fair Use (2014) 9(2) JIPLP 104-106 (The Authors Guild, Inc v Google Inc, USDC SDNY 05 Civ 8136 (DC), 14 November 2013)
    • Brussels I Regulation and Online Copyright Infringement: ‘Intention to Target’ Approach Rejected (2014) 9(1) JIPLP 18-19 (Peter Pinckney v KDG Mediatech AG, C-170/12, EU:C:2013:635) [cited in Advocate General's Opinion in Concurrence, C-618/15, EU:C:2016:843]


    • US Supreme Court Holds First Sale Doctrine Applicable to Works Lawfully Made Abroad (2013) 8(8) JIPLP 590-591 (Kirtsaeng v John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 568 US __ (2013))
    • Amazon’s Use of Term “Appstore” is not Deceptive (2013) 8(7) JIPLP 511-512 (Apple Inc v Amazon.com Inc, No C 11-1327 PJH (N D Cal, Jan 2, 2013))
    • First Circuit Applies Idea/Expression Dichotomy and Originality to News Photographs (2013) 8(5) JIPLP 356-357 (Donald A Harney v Sony Pictures Television, Inc, and A&E Television Networks, LLC, No 11-1760 (1st Cir, Jan 7, 2013))


    • Exhaustion also Applies to First Sale of Downloaded Software (2012) 7(11) JIPLP 786-788 (UsedSoft GmbH v Oracle International Corp, C-128/11, EU:C:2012:407)
    • US District Court Explains Idea/Expression Dichotomy in Videogames (2012) 7(10) JIPLP 713-714 (Tetris Holding, LLC and The Tetris Company, LLC v Xio Interactive, LLC, USDC D New Jersey, 30 May 2012)
    • ECJ Interprets InfoSoc Exception for Ephemeral Recordings (2012) 7(8) JIPLP 557-559 (DR and TV2 Danmark v NCB, C-510/10, EU:C:2012:244
    • On Netlog, ACTA and the Scope of IPR Injunctions in the EU (2012) 2(3) QMJIP 297-304 (SABAM v Netlog, C-360/10, EU:C:2012:85)
    • US Supreme Court Says Public Domain Works May Return to Copyright (2012) 7(4) JIPLP 238-239 (Golan v Holder, 565 US __ (2012))


    • Yahoo! Liable for Contributory Infringement by Display of Links to Infringing Websites (2011) 6(8) JIPLP 521-523 (Tribunale di Roma, PFA Films Srl v Google Italy, Microsoft Srl and Yahoo! Italia Srl, ordinanza 20 March 2011)
    • Relighting a Lamp: The CJEU on Revived Protection for Expired Design Rights (2011) 384 ITMA Review 14-16 (Flos v Semeraro Casa e Famiglia, C-168/09, EU:C:2011:29)