At last: Habemus Covidiot!

· trade marks,freedom fo expression,COVIDIOT,accepted principles of morality,public policy

After it was referred back in 2021, a few days ago the Grand Board of the European Union Intellectual Property Office finally issued its long-awaited decision concerning an application to register the figurative sign ‘COVIDIOT’ (below) as an EU trade mark for the following goods:

  • Class 6: Metal clips.
  • Class 9: Computer gaming software; Mobile apps.
  • Class 28: Board games; Toys.
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The Grand Board dismissed the appeal and ruled that the sign could NOT be registered due to its contrariety to both Article 7(1)(f) (contrariety to public policy or to accepted principles of morality) and 7(1)(b) (lack of distinctiveness) EUTMR.

The broader relevance of the decision is that it applies in detail the guidanc